Prostheses: Your Frequently Asked Questions…

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1) What is the difference between a silicone prosthesis and a lightweight one?

There are many different types of prostheses available, fom the lightweight foam and fibre fill forms that can be used immediately after surgery to the more life-like silicone prostheses that are generally used for everyday wear.

Silicone prostheses are the most life-like of all breast forms as they are made from a gel-like substance that moves and feels like a natural breast. They are designed to fill out your bra cup, covering your surgery and restoring your natural shape and balance.

Why not try: Harmony Silk Triangle (4710) by Trulife
Our lightweight range of prostheses are made from either tiny polythene beads or moulded foam.  They can be completely weightless like our Featherweight Prosthesis (6160) by Trulife or have a little bit of weight to keep your posture and balance even. The lightweight styles are good as a ‘rest breast’ and some ladies prefer to use these instead of a silicone form.  Please note that we advise either a silicone prosthesis or a weighted prosthesis should be used on a daily basis to maintain your posture.

Why not try: Leisureform – Weighted Foam Prosthesis (6110) by Nicola Jane

2) Which shape is best for me as I have had extensive lymph gland removal?

We suggest a prosthesis from our Asymmetrical range. These styles are designed with extensions to fit under the arm and/or in the upper chest wall, to fill the areas where you may have had more extensive surgery.  They can be positioned in the best way to suit you and often come designed to fit either the left or right side.

3) What style should I choose if I swim regularly in a swimming pool?
If you swim more than once a month in a chlorine pool we recommend investing in a silicone swim prosthesis such as the Pure Fresh Prosthesis (1086) by Anita. The silicone material and hollow back allows the water to drain away and dry quickly with a towel.  If you only swim occasionally you may like to choose our Featherweight Prosthesis (6160) by Trulife which is a cheaper alternative. Due to the foam material, water will be absorbed and require a gentle and discreet squeeze to release the water. The chlorine will also corrode the foam material quickly if used on a regular basis whereas the silicone material of the Pure Fresh will last and last.

4) I like to run and practice yoga, what style would suit me best?
An ideal prosthesis for leisure activities such as running and yoga would be our Active Flow (6300) by Trulife. This is a lightweight beaded prosthesis with a fast-drying outer material. The beads fall as a natural breast does when lying down during yoga rather than staying pert as a pre-formed moulded foam prosthesis might. The breathable fast-drying spacer fabric makes perfect for running too!

5) I have had a partial mastectomy, what will help give me an even shape?

Check out our range of partial shells and forms. This range features shell forms which are hollow on the back to incorporate any remaining breast after a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. Most partial prostheses are silicone and are placed over the remaining breast to give a natural and even outline to match the natural breast.

6) I have had a reconstruction and since lost weight.  As a result my natural breast is slightly smaller than my reconstructed side, what will help even my size?

In most cases it is not necessary to wear a prosthesis after a reconstruction but often weight gain or loss can mean that you may need something to help you match your breasts. We recommend trying our Silicone Shell Bust Shapers (819T) by Nicola Jane. These round shells have a hollow back and will add projection to the cup. If you feel you are a whole size smaller you may like to consider a Partial Silicone Shell (0533) by Trulife, which will cover the whole breast and add an additional cup size.

7) My natural breast has become less full as I have got older, what style would suit me?

We would suggest a prosthesis that has more of a natural droop. The Natura 3E Asymmetrical (3970) by Amoena is made from a silicone that has more of a natural appearance and will move with your body.

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