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Everyone’s journey will be very different, dependent on your course of treatment and type of surgery you have undergone. We are here to guide you through choosing the best bra style to suit your needs.
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Whether you have had a full or partial mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction. Your Breast Care Nurse is always the best person to speak to should you have any medical queries, however our expert Customer Service Team know post-surgery wear inside-out so why not give them a call on 0345 265 7595 for fitting and product advice.

Here we answer some of the questions you might have about what products we find best for different situations.
 What are the benefits of post-surgery bras?  

Benefits of a post-surgery bra1. Supportive, adjustable straps help to restore your body posture

2. Deeper cups and front for comfort, support and extra cover

3. Discreet pockets to hold your prosthesis securely and invisibly for real peace of mind

4. Wider underband to keep your bra securely in place

5. Wider sides for extra coverage and comfort under the arms and around the back.

Why are the bras pocketed?

The majority of our bras have bilateral pockets and are suitable after all types of surgery. The ingenious pocket design means even if you don’t require a pocket, you can benefit from our products designed with your comfort and needs in mind. If you wear a prosthesis, place it in the pocket required. On the side where the pocket is not needed the design cleverly folds back into the cup and will act as a lining, allowing your natural breast to fill the cup.

What bra is good for use immediately after surgery?

When you have undergone breast surgery, it is important to have a comfortable bra to wear straight after surgery. Your arm movement maybe slightly restricted and stiff, especially if you have had lymph nodes removed, so we suggest a front fastening bra with easy front closure so you won’t need to struggle with a rear fastener.
Our Hilary Bra (7060)  is ideal after a mastectomy as it is pocketed to hold a softie. A softie is a lightweight temporary prosthesis which you will be given to wear for 6-8 weeks until you are fitted with a permanent silicone prosthesis.

Undergoing radiotherapy treatment?

After you have had a radiotherapy session you may want to consider a style that is super-comfortable to wear and extra soft against your skin. Our Nastasja Bra (5362) is made from microfibre material and with soft pocket lining, ideal for wearing after treatment.

Choosing a bra ideal if you have lymphoedema?

The wide, slightly padded straps and deeper side wings makes the Safina Bra (5349) an excellent choice if you are suffering from lymphoedema. The wider straps alleviate tension on the shoulder and won’t dig in like a narrower strap would, which can often aggravate lymphoedema. The wide sides offer some compression which also helps keep lymphoedema at bay.

Can you wear underwired bras?

If you like the support underwired bras provide it is possible to continue wearing them approximately 6-12 months after surgery. We strongly recommend you consult with your Breast Care Nurse before wearing, as your scar will need to have completely healed and they can check that you are not showing any signs of lymphoedema. You should also be professionally fitted where possible to make sure the wires are sitting in the correct place. You can only wear a heart or oval shaped prosthesis with an underwired bra, so please check the shape of yours before you order.
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30 Mar 2018
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Recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer & will be having a mastectomy, but I have a need to explore all the information now and understand what’s out there! This simple page has cleared questions I was already asking myself why & when? Thank you
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