Nicola Jane Inspirational Women Spring Update: Jayne

We understand how important it is for ladies who have undergone surgery, to model our lingerie and swimwear. This Spring we catch up with Jayne...
1. What was your reaction when you saw the catalogueNicola Jane Inspirational Women - Jane for the first time? How did you feel seeing yourself?

It was surprisingly quite emotional to see the catalogue when it first came out, especially when I read the profiles of the other ladies. Even though we have all had the same diagnosis our stories are all so different. It’s a little strange seeing myself staring back from the pages or on the internet but I am immensely proud of what I did and it’s a great boost of self-confidence!

2. Have you received any feedback from friends/family?

All the feedback from family and friends has been really positive. The first most people knew about it was seeing the link to the website and I think they were quite surprised at what I had done.

3. At the Nicola Jane Inspirational Women photoshoot you are wearing the Juliet Padded Floral Lace Bra, what would you say to someone who is considering purchasing this post-surgery bra?

The lingerie set I wore, it’s so pretty and feminine! I tend to go for more plain, boring underwear but this has broadened my horizons. It’s really comfortable to wear and my prosthesis fits well into the pocket and doesn’t slide around. You would never know which side was fake!

4. What were your thoughts on the Harbour Island Tankini you wore on the photoshoot? How did it suit your surgery?
I loved the tankini, it was very comfortable to wear. It was very secure around the top which is essential when you wear a prosthesis and although it had straps it would have easily stayed in place without them . There was no danger of it slipping down and revealing anything! I have bought a similar item from Nicola Jane previously and have been really pleased with it. I thought my bikini days were over after surgery but I am now considering buying one for my summer holiday later this year!

5. As we head into spring what is your ‘go to outfit’ which makes you feel confident?

Smart jeans and heels

10 years ago we started to ask our amazing customers to model our Post-Surgery Lingerie and Swimwear Collection and then feature the results in our catalogue and on the website.  Look out for the following seasons newsletters to read about our other amazing models!

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By Janet Bostock
03 May 2017
Well done ...fantastic post surgery wear....I had my surgery 8 yrs ago, I'v lost 3stone and feel wonderful and would love to be a model for you. Kind regards jan x
Customer Service Reply Thank you for your message. If you would like to apply to become a Nicola Jane Inspirational Woman please email with a few details about yourself and a recent photo. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Emily - Nicola Jane Customer Service

By Lisa
02 May 2017
These women are truly inspirational . I too had a mastectomy 3 years ago . I love your bras & swimwear & if you ever need me to be photographed i would love it ! Kind regards
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