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Learn all about the best products and expert application methods from professional makeup artist Lara Rorich from Lara Jean Loves...
Lara Rorich
Makeup, it might seem simple but for some it can feel like an impossible task! Where to begin, what products to use and then there’s the right application method…

We have enlisted the help of Lara, our Nicola Jane photo shoot makeup artist to help! After reading this blog post we hope you will be grabbing those makeup brushes and applying with confidence!
Introducing Lara...
Hi my name is Lara Rorich from lifestyle blog and brand Lara Jean Loves. I have been working with Nicola Jane on their annual fashion and inspirational woman photo shoot for over 6 years.  It is always a very special and inspirational day working with all the lovely ladies, some who have never been on a photo shoot before!

I have been a fashion, commercial & bridal makeup artist for over 10 years. I love my job, I get to meet wonderful people and it’s taken me all over Europe, the UK and South Africa. I have been fortunate enough to work with many established photographers, celebrities & fashion clients. On this year’s Nicola Jane fashion shoot I got to work with the lovely Jenny & Sadie who are this year's Nicola Jane Inspirational Women.

What is the one piece of makeup I couldn’t live without?
Ooh that’s quite a hard question! But I’d have to say Lucas’ Papaw Ointment which is made in Australia from pure Australian papaws. It’s super-moisturising on the lips and has many other benefits. I also couldn’t live without my Becca Beach Tint it's water-resistant and can be used for cheeks and lips, so doubles up as a lippy & blusher in one!
Makeup artists in training…

Ok, so let’s get down to the practical element of applying makeup. I have put together a few starting points on the best products to use and how to apply them. It can be trial and error finding the right products, make sure you have fun during this process and enjoy learning which products are best for you!
Technique for applying...
To apply your foundation make sure your skin is clean and moisturised. Then prime your skin. I love Daniel Sandler’s Silky Skin Pro-Finish Face Primer this will smooth fine lines and make your makeup last a lot longer. Face primer acts as a makeup magnet for your eyeshadows and lipsticks making it  easier to apply. It will also make your lips look smoother, younger and your pores will be filled in and any high colour will be toned. This primer is also a transparent product,  so is suitable for all skin tones. After primer apply your foundation. During the Nicola Jane 2018 photo shoot I used Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation on Sadie and Jenny. Kjaer Weis is a certified organic makeup. The foundation contains Jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil which adds moisture to your skin and promotes skin elasticity. Apply your foundation with a foundation brush. You can use your fingertips but make sure your hands are clean. Apply from the centre of the face and blend out – making sure to blend down your neck.
Choosing the right colour…
It’s best for you to get colour-matched by a professional makeup artist. I like to test the colour on the decollage area, as often the neck & chest are darker than your face and they need to match. You can also test on your jawline; the right colour should disappear into your skin.

Different foundation for different skin types…
  • For shiny complexions it’s best to get a shine-free foundation. Avoid anything with a luminizing/dewy texture.
  • For dry skin choose a hydrating, moisturising foundation.
  • For aging skin chose a watery-based foundation. Avoid powder foundations as it makes wrinkles more visible.
  • For sensitive skin chose mineral based powders.

Foundation in the summer?
I would recommend a tinted moisturiser this gives your skin a healthy, no makeup look with a soft hint of color. Try to choose one with an SPF for sun protection. I love the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It gives a sheer coverage with a natural dewy finish; it also contains SPF 20 UVB/ UVA protection and is ideal for all skin types. Make sure to get colour-matched by a professional makeup artist.

Shaping advice...
Pencils & powders work really well to fill in any gaps. If you are going to shape your eyebrows by waxing or plucking make sure to go to a recommended professional.

Pencil or powder?
If you’re looking for a more natural looking brow I think a soft waxy pencil provides a slightly more natural look than powder. I love the Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil which comes in 7 colours. It has a unique slant tip which helps with ultra-precise definition. It also has 16-hour wear that's sweat, humidity resistant and waterproof - which is great for the hot summer months!

Technique for applying...
Make sure your eyebrows are dry & clean. Then place a brush along the side of your nose. This is where your brows should ideally start. Then using short stokes to mimic your natural hairs, lightly fill in any sparse areas with your brow pencil. Chose a colour that best matches your brows, you want to have even brows so try not to make the ends too harsh by over-filling them. After applying the brow pencil/powder set your eyebrows with a coloured/clear eyebrow gel. I used MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel which comes in six shades. Another little trick is to use a little hairspray on an eyebrow brush and brush them to set them in place.

Pencil or liquid?
I personally prefer eyeliner pencils for a more natural look. However if you are looking for a more vampy cat eye evening look liquid eyeliner is great for creating this look. Both work well and the choice is simply a case of personal preference. Pencils are easier to apply and create a more natural softer look but they don’t last as long as liquid eyeliner which creates a more defined dramatic look. Liquid eyeliners definitely need a bit of practice to apply! At the Nicola Jane photo shoot I used a pencil called Teddy by MAC ( intense bronze colour) which has a silky formula and is a rich colour with a matte/ pearl finish this will naturally define your eyes.

Technique for applying...
Gently hold the outer corner of your eye, try not to pull too tight. This will help you apply your eyeliner evenly. It can also help if you sit down and plant your elbow on a flat surface. Start with a thinner line on the top lash line this will create a more natural look. Start at the outside of your eye working towards the inside of your eye. When applying pencil to the lower lid, apply the pencil as close to the lash line as possible. Slowly draw a thin line from the outside to the middle of your bottom lashes. You want to keep your eyeliner on your bottom lid much softer. Black eyeliners can look very harsh so I’d recommend using a brown pencil for a more natural look. You can correct any mistakes with eye makeup remover and a cotton swab. Pencil eyeliner is definitely easier to apply as liquid liner will take some time to dry and you need a lot more precision to apply. My favourite liquid eyeliner is Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in Black. It has a maximum control applicator which helps create a smoother and precise line. It’s smudge-proof, flake- proof and run-proof, lasting up to 16 hours. To finish your look use some mascara. I love It’s a Long Story Mascara by Arbonne.

Lara is available for wedding & special events aswell as group lessons or one to one lessons. For enquiries contact her at


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