FAQ - Travelling with a Breast Form

Going on holiday? We have answered some of the travelling related questions that our customers ask frequently. We have also recently talked to Helen Lewis from Trulife and asked for her expert advice. Helen has been a specialist bra fitter for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge!
  2. I’m going on holiday soon and will be swimming and sunbathing daily. Which breast form is the best to use?
We stock a selection of prostheses that are suitable for swimming and sunbathing. These include our bestselling Leisureform Weighted Foam Prosthesis, the Featherweight Foam Swim Prosthesis, the Pure Fresh Silicone Swim Prosthesis and the Active Flow.
The Leisureform Weighted Foam Prosthesis and the Featherweight Foam Swim Prosthesis are both light prostheses that are made out of soft moulded foam. They can both be worn on either side and are specifically designed for swimming or leisure activities. They are a popular lightweight alternative to the traditional silicone prosthesis.  The Leisureform has a silicone centre and has therefore a slight weight to it while the Featherweight is just foam, which makes it our lightest prosthesis. Pick the Leisureform if you would like to use it out of the swimming pool as the Featherweight is often too light for everyday wear.
The Pure Fresh – Silicone Swim Prosthesis is a great option for everyone that prefers to use a silicone prosthesis when swimming and for those who are regularly in the pool or sea. It gives a fantastic natural shape in swimwear and is very comfortable to wear. Due to it being hollowed out at the back, it allows water to drain away freely and air to circulate easily. 
The Active Flow is a great prosthesis to use when on holiday. It is a lightweight prosthesis that is made out of a moulded, fast-drying spacer fabric. The inside contains lightweight beads that dry quickly and do not absorb water. Thanks to the beads, this prosthesis has a flattering, natural shape and adjusts to the movement. Helen from Trulife recommends this prosthesis, especially for sunbathing as the Active Flow takes on a natural shape and flattens when lying down.

  1. What is the best way to pack my breast form safely when traveling?
Our customers often ask us how to safely transport their silicone prosthesis when going on holiday. A lot of ladies do not want to take the original box that it comes in as it is heavy and takes up a lot of luggage space. Helen from Trulife’s top tip is to remove the cradle from the box, leave the box at home but to take the cradle with you on holiday. This will help keep the prosthesis secure and keep its shape without having to carry the whole packaging with you.

  1. How do I wash my prosthesis?
We suggest that you wipe your silicone breast form daily. This can for example be done with a simple wet wipe.  To properly wash it, we advise using lukewarm water and a mild soap. You should always rinse your prosthesis thoroughly and pat it dry with a towel. Helen’s expert advice is to “treat your prosthesis the same way you treat your own skin”.

  1. Am I allowed to carry the prosthesis in my hand luggage and do I need to take it off to get through the security scan?
It is not a problem to keep it in your hand luggage rather than wearing it. It is also not necessary to take it off when you go through the security scan.
Your breast form is not considered to be an item of the 3-1-1 rule, which restricts to travel with liquids or gels. A prosthesis is considered to be a medical necessity and is therefore allowed in the hand luggage.
If you are still worried about travelling with your breast form, you can always ask your doctor or hospital to give you a letter which states that you are carrying a prosthesis for medical reasons.
In the unlikely event that any faults start appearing on your prosthesis, please remember that we have a Nicola Jane Prosthesis Guarantee. [All our silicone prostheses are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. This guarantee is against manufacturing defaults only and is void if the item is subject to accident, alteration or neglect. In the unlikely event that you need to send back your prosthesis, it must be returned in the original box.]
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