Wire-free in Lockdown

Our Designer, Sarah Gilbert, shares her expert opinion on how to stay comfy during lockdown and delves into the benefits of wire-free bras.

As the days of lockdown go on, I’m finding myself reaching for clothes that are soft, stretchy and comforting. I am tending to opt for stretch cotton elastane leggings or joggers with elasticated waist, to allow for all those extra snacks I keep finding myself having, teamed up with smart tops for those Zoom meetings. If I do not have meetings, I am mainly wearing baggy, fleecy and cuddly hoodies or jumpers to make me feel relaxed.

But what underwear to put on?

I’ve been swapping my wired bras for soft wire-free options and wow I’d forgotten how comfy they are. Most people think you only wear wire-free bras for a particular reason (because you’ve had surgery, for sports etc) but that’s not the case. Bras without wires are an everyday option for anyone. All the bras in the Nicola Jane range can be worn just because you like the design, softness & comfort. If you don’t need the pockets, or only need them on one side, they will fold back and act as a lining and will not be noticeable when the bra is being worn.
With all the social distancing going on it has unfortunately made it impossible to go and get a bra fitting, however good news is that wire-free bras will fit the same as your wired ones, so just apply all the normal rules to check it fits correctly see our fitting guide for tips.
Designing a bra without a wire is more technical and considered, to ensure good uplift and support for all shapes and sizes.  Did you know that 80% of the support comes from the under-band and just 20% from the straps? This shows how important it is for the bra to fit well around your chest.
During the day do not forget that you can loosen off or tighten up the hooks to give you more comfort. Also do not forget to check your straps are adjusted properly. I bet you have not changed them since you first put your bra on but each time you wash the bra they may can change and slacken off, so it’s good to check and see - do your straps feel strong and supportive?

The T-Shirt Bra 

Wire-free t-shirt bras are my favourite as they give a smooth look and a good shape. You can choose between a seamless moulded cup like our new Orla - this style has foam cups in to give you the smooth rounded shape. If you are not a fan of a foam cup there is a fabric moulded non-padded shape like the Beth. The 2 layers of moulded fabric are so comfy & seam free so there are no lines to show through your clothes.

The Comfy Bralette

Bralettes are also a fabulous option to wear around the house, they give a lighter support but feel oh so good. The Delilah Soft Bralette by AnaOno is made from modal which is a super soft and snuggly fabric. It is very breathable to keep you cool and comfortable, whilst all around us everything is a little mad at the moment.
Cut and sew bras have more seams and are more like the traditional styling you would think of with a wire-free bra , this is to help give you lift and support especially for bigger cup sizes. There are lots of really pretty and wearable styles to choose from depending on your size. The Gloria for example is a great option – it is a gorgeous lace plunge style. Wearing a pretty bra can be a great mood enhancer. If you are feeling glamourous in your undies it can give you a real boost and fill you with confidence.

The Versatile Vest Top

On sunny days secret support vests like the Poppy are ideal if you don't feel like wearing a bra as they have the bra already cleverly incorporated inside the top. The bra inside has no wire and is soft and comfortable. The cotton elastane fabric is easy to wear and to wash. It is a great fitting and looking top for those facetime catch-ups with your family and friends.  It is also the perfect style to wear when you are outside and doing a bit of gardening as it sits close to the chest when you lean forward and reveals no gaping or unevenness.

The Sports Bra 

Another wireless style is the sports bra - remember to switch your everyday bra for a sports bra when you go for that run, or join your online Yoga class, the Pilates Zoom class or if you are joining in with Joe Wicks in the mornings. Even if you are a small bust size as you will bounce just as much as a fuller bust, so it’s best to wear a supportive sports bra when exercising. It is important there is nothing to rub so your bra must fit well, wire-free is perfect for your workout. The Paige Sports bra is a super comfortable sports bra also has the benefits from the Coolmax material that will keep you cool. The high neckline will hold you well in place & minimise any movement. Just because you are at home or on your own it is still just as vital that you look after your breast health so don’t forget to change into your sports bra  - it only takes a minute.
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By Caroline Crawford
23 May 2020
"Loved This Information So Easy To Read And Lots Of Advice That's Current."
Great advice, clearly stated and easy to refer too for the different types of Bra's . Great information and the designers experience speaks volumes. Thank you 💖🙏
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