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Since the Coronavirus hit the UK, a lot of major fashion houses, including Burberry and David Neiper, have turned their factories and ateliers into manufacturing hubs for face masks and other much needed medical clothing such as surgical gowns. While we are only a small company, we are trying our very best to help contribute where we can.

All our factories have started shifting their production from bras, swimwear, and other garments to manufacturing face masks and medical gowns. Producing these masks and gowns is vital to help combat Covid-19 and help medical staff receive the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they need to safely fight the virus on the front line. All our factories are producing face masks made from 100% cotton, to help keep people cool when wearing the masks. Siome of them are currently also making face masks that include copper fabric, made into a copper barrier that can filter airborne particles.

Here is a photo that we have been sent by one of our factories – can you spot the fabric they have used? It is left-over fabric from our popular Primrose line.


Our product designer Sarah has also been busy sewing during her spare time. Sarah has joined the ‘national home army’ of professional and hobby sewers that are using all of their free time to help the NHS.
Sarah has been sewing scrubs for the Brighton Sewing School who are running one of the projects in the Brighton area. She has also traced off the patterns for the local sewing groups to use. Sarah’s local group consist of 8 busy sewers who are currently making over 20 sets of scrubs, but also numerous face masks and scrub wash bags a week. While most of the scrubs are made in black, some ladies have also used coloured and patterned fabric to make the garments from.

You can find more information about the Brighton Sewing Club here:
There are sewing groups all over the country, so make sure you join your local group - if you would like to help sew masks and scrubs for the NHS. 

If you are also keeping busy by sewing, we would love to see your creations and hear your stories! Send us your photos to and we will share them on here and our social media platforms.


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