Meet Patricia

Find out more about Patricia - diagnosed in 2010, she is now trying to live life to the fullest and is currently learning for her exam on 'Emotional and spiritual accompaniment for patients and their relatives with cancer’.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I like to admire a sunrise or a sunset, see the sea and enjoy a glass of red wine and a good talk. I am persevering and a perfectionist. I also like to help people, and I love to learn new skills. I have been studying for the a certification in ‘Emotional and spiritual accompaniment for patients and their relatives with cancer’, so I am hoping to take the exam for this soon.

What do you like to do to have fun?
I love to play board games, like Scrabo, Jenga, Uno or watch funny and romantic movies. I also like to paint, although I do it very rarely.
What is your greatest achievement in life to date?
To be able to support my family whenever they have needed me. In my work, and volunteering I am committed to help as many people as I can and try to make a difference everyday.
How do you describe yourself in three words?
Tenacious, Courageous and Effortless. 
Your diagnosis and surgery:
When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?
I was diagnosed in May 21, 2010 when I was 41 years old.
What type of surgery did you have?
I had a single, radical mastectomy. 
Can you tell us a little about how you felt when you learned the diagnosis?
I immediately worried about my daughters. At the time, the oldest was already married, but was going through a very high-risk pregnancy and had already lost her first baby. I didn’t want to give her the news that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer, because already dealing with so much. So we tried to hide my diagnosis and the treatments I was having, from her as much as possible.  My youngest daughter was in her last year of high school and still living with me. I am very grateful to all my friends and family who have supported me during this time.  
Do you have any post-surgery styling tips that you can give to other women?
Even if you don’t always feel like it, try to get up, take a nice shower and get yourself ready – it will make you feel better! At the beginning of my hair loss, I was wearing wigs, but I found them very hot. I switched to using Pashminas and Turbans that matches my outfits, I found them much cooler and very comfortable.
Any advice for women who have or had breast cancer?
Each woman is different, and our body is too. There are different types of breast cancer stages or stages. The treatment for each woman is customized by the Doctor Oncologist for each woman and also for the man with Breast Cancer. 
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