Caring For Your Post-Surgery And Mastectomy Bra

Proper care of your Nicola Jane products will ensure longer wear and support. Our handy guidelines will give you an understanding of how to look after your products to ensure thwy last as long as possible.

Bra Care

  • Always read and follow care instructions on the label
  • Use a lingerie wash bag when washing underwear in a machine
  • Hand wash any bra with an underwire
  • Wash lingerie frequently to keep it in tip-top condition
  • When hand washing always choose a washing liquid or powder specially made for delicate fabrics
  • Don't leave lingerie to soak for more than five minutes
  • Wash darker colours separately
  • Don't exceed the recommended washing temperature
  • Dry lingerie away from direct heat such as radiators, fires and hot sunshine
  • Avoid catching delicate fabrics and laces with clothes pegs
  • Do not tumble dry lingerie unless the care label provides specific instructions

Swimwear Care

Hand Washing

  • Remove any jewellery and ensure your nails do not have any sharp edges
  • Shallow fill either a clean sink or a bucket using the specified amount of bleach free mild detergent
  • Swirl the garments gently in the suds
  • Gently rub any stubborn areas with your thumb
  • Leave the items to soak for up to an hour
  • Remove the items and rinse under gently running water

Machine Washing

  • Use a mild detergent formulated for delicates that does not contain bleach
  • Turn items inside out to help to prevent any build-up of lint during washing
  • Place the items in a delicates bag to prevent them from becoming damaged
  • Set the washing machine to a low temperature setting and on the delicates cycle
  • Do not wash with other items

Prosthesis Care

Silicone Prostheses

  • Always wash your silicone prosthesis in lukewarm water with a mild, unperfumed soap
  • Avoid using powders, lotions or perfumes near your prosthesis
  • When you are not wearing your silicone prosthesis you should keep it in its original box, in the plastic cradle provided
  • Keep away from pointed or sharp objects, particularly broaches
  • If you use a cover with your prosthesis, this can be washed along with your bras or in a cool wash cycle
  • DO NOT tumble dry your prosthesis

Foam and Bead Prostheses

  • Hand wash in a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water.  Do not wring dry
  • Always make sure your foam and bead prostheses are thoroughly dried after washing or swimming
  • Our foam prostheses come with a removable cover.  This can be washed along with your bras or in a cool wash cycle
  • Chlorine can damage foam prostheses after a while, so if you swim regularly you may need to replace it from time to time (approximately 6 months). Alternatively, you could invest in the Anita Aqua-Lite silicone prosthesis which is guaranteed for 2 years.