What can I expect when I come for a fitting?
Anyone coming for a fitting will have the opportunity to discuss requirements and we will try to find the perfect match for you. Usually we look at how your current bra fits and take into consideration any of the points you have raised about the fit and your lifestyle. During the fitting we will confirm a size fit for you, but please remember this is just a number and only the start of finding a good fitting bra. As with all clothing there are variances in bras from manufacturer to manufacturer and style to style.  With this in mind we are able to advise which style might be most suitable and can assist in choosing the best products.  These items will then be sent to your home address for you to try on. Our free returns policy allows you to try the items in the comfort of your own home and if it’s not quite right you can return it to us, free of charge. We are always happy to answer any questions either before booking an appointment or following an appointment, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for help at any point.

What is our Fitters favourite bra from the Nicola Jane collection and why? 
Our favourite bra is the new Isabella (9010) as it is designed for ultimate comfort and control.  It has excellent cup separation, pockets and a deep band but still looks pretty and has wider straps than normal. I find ladies love the Isabella for its comfort and its looks.

A second favourite bra would be the Florence (7046) this fits perfectly especially for the more petite ladies and the integral lace makes the bra shimmer and is beautiful in any of the colour options.
Styling tips for ladies that are fighting breast cancer?
One of our tips to overcome a low or gaping neckline is to consider a camisole bra, such as the  Carrie Camisole. Alternatively, the Poppy Strappy top with thin straps and the integrated bra is a good choice. All these help make you feel more confident and ensures nothing is on show that is not wanted.
Any general tips to share?  
Always revisit the fit of your bra more regularly following surgery, than before. Any weight gain or weight loss makes such a difference to the fit of your bra, and prosthesis. Remember your bra is your foundation garment and a good fitting bra is essential in making your clothing look great.