A Very Pink Ladies Day Out

On a gorgeous sunny summer day back in August, a colleague and I drove onto the IOW ferry to spend the day at a breast cancer support group in Newport.
The women in the group loved our bras, swimwear, and breast forms but we could only take a small amount with us and felt there was potential for them to see more and have proper bra fittings too.
So, we invited them over to our side of the pond to have a day in our Chichester Shop. On 18th October a group of ladies arrived full of smiles and eagerness!  We booked out our shop exclusively for the women to spend time browsing, relaxing, and trying on whatever they wanted. We gave each of them a bra fitting if they wanted one, as some of the woman hadn’t been properly fitted for years….and they were amazed that they’d been wearing the wrong size bra and breast form!
They were excited to try our products and enjoy the time devoted to them, whilst chatting and laughing and growing their relationships with their group. A very gorgeous lunch was delivered to the shop where we all sat and chatted about life in general, nothing about breast cancer or bras for at least 45 minutes!!
We each put donations in our ‘Wear it Pink’ money box in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shop was decked out in lots of pink balloons, cakes, and drinks. Our head office also held ‘Wear it Pink’ day where all our lovely staff members wore pink too.

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