Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and supported in your bra all-day-long and there is nothing more important to us than helping you find the right style bra for you, to achieve that perfect fit.  To do this we believe it’s not always necessary to get the tape measure out; we can help you find your correct size by using the bra you are currently wearing and check how this fits.  All you need is a little know-how and our helpful fitting tips and our FAQs to help you make sure you are wearing the correct size. Remember, you can always call our Customer Service Team on 0345 265 7595 for any advice.
Tips to a Good Fitting Bra
Before you start, remember that if you wear a prosthesis it is important that the bra is supporting your natural breast. Do not gauge the fit of the bra on how your prosthesis fits as this may be different to your natural breast, especially if your weight has changed.  When trying a new bra, always start on the loosest hook. This way you can tighten it up as the bra stretches, giving you more wear.
  1. The band - the band of your bra should fit snugly around the narrowest part of your back and should be the same height all the way around.It should not ‘ride up’ creating a V on the back of the band. The band should be close to the body at the front and the bra should sit evenly in the middle of your chest and you should still be able to run two fingers under the band.
  4. The cups - your breasts should be enclosed in the cup. There should be no wrinkling of the fabric, as this means the cup is too big. Neither should your breasts bulge over the top, side or under the cup as this means the cup is too small
  3. The straps - make sure the straps are adjusted correctly. They should not be digging in or slipping off the shoulder. Remember to regularly check the adjustment as washing and wearing the bra can cause them to loosen

If you are still finding it tricky to work out your size, please follow the steps below on how to measure yourself. Once you have got these measurements give us a call on 0345 265 7595, we will then work out your size for you. 
  1. Step 1. Getting measurement A – measure directly under your bust, all the way around your body with your bra on.
  2. Step 2. Getting measurement B – measure from the sternum to the spine across the fullest part of your natural breast and multiply this by two.