Saved by a Swimsuit

Because sometimes a swimsuit isn't just a piece of clothing!

Nicola Jane Post-Surgery Swimwear

I am an early retired IT professional but in my heart I am a horse rider, gardener and artist.

I celebrated my 60th birthday in the Lake District, in September 2014. My partner and I had a wonderful week, it was perfect. I couldn't wait to come home to my beautiful garden and my lovely horse Charlie, affectionately known as Poshcob.

My diagnosis...

On my return, I attended a routine mammogram in October. Several weeks later I received a recall letter, I then had second mammogram and biopsies, followed by another wait and another recall and more biopsies. Time ran on and I got my diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) just before Christmas. Shell shock and 200 more emotions hit me. To cut a long story short I had a mastectomy 2 weeks before Christmas 2014. The surgeon had a cancellation, so I had the operation 6 days after my diagnosis. To add more coal on the fire I came home and developed Norovirus. The post-op results came through 2 weeks later and no further treatment was required!

The swimsuit...

My partner of 40 years has been an absolute rock and when in January 2015 we received our invite to my nieces July Wedding in France, the hunt started for the perfect dress followed by the shoe hunt and bag hunt. The wedding was to take place in a Château just outside Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse. Tickets and B&B were booked, all was sorted. We were going to have a mini holiday and attend the wedding.

Three weeks before we were due to fly out I woke up in a cold sweat SWIMSUIT! I knew of Nicola Jane through my bra fitter, so I went to the Nicola Jane website and ordered a swimsuit. Before I ordered I rang up and had a chat with one of Nicola Jane's Customer Service Advisors and asked for some well-needed advice! I bought a Featherweight Foam Swim Prosthesis (swimming hamster as I prefer to call it) and a swimsuit which arrived promptly.

Disaster! It was too tight around the top. I was in floods of tears and suddenly didn't want to go to France. Those of you who have been through the kaleidoscope of emotions will probably recognise this. Finally I sat down with the catalogue and ordered an embarrassing number of swimsuits in an attempt to get something to fit. Suddenly being able to take a dip in the pool was the most important thing in the world (weather forecast 35ºC), even though we were going over for a wedding! The speed of delivery was amazing, I tried on the swimsuits and did a fashion parade for my partner. The minute I put on the Amalfi I knew it was the right suit. I really liked the cut and I could lean forward without that bit of empty chest showing, I felt confident and feminine. Off we flew to France with my special dress and in pride of place in the luggage; my swimsuit and swimming hamster.

The holiday...

I can honestly say I cried tears of happinNicola Jane Mastectomy Swimwearess when I popped in the pool at Villa Celine. I made my partner stay with me on observation duty.

"Does it look ok when I am swimming?"

"Does it look the same both sides?"

"Please stay until I get out!"

I was terrified that water would affect the way everything sat. It was wonderful it didn't feel odd or look odd when it was wet and I didn't feel like I had a soggy pack of tissues on the special side so could have a sunbathe. My partner said he was amazed at the change in me once I had my first swim and that it was a turning point as I never stopped smiling.

I thoroughly recommend Nicola Jane for their support and help, most importantly the speed of delivery and ease of return. We are not located near a stockist and I am not of the shopping trip kind of girl.

And the wedding?... It was fabulous!

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07 Oct 2018
I have had a very similar journey to you, having a mastectomy in June this year. We are going to Florida at Christmas and I was really worried about swimming and swim suits. You have given me confidence to wear the NicolaJane tankini. Thank you, you expressed my emotions exactly.
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