Nicola Jane Guest Blogger: Make-up Artist Lara Rorich

Learn how to recreate and achieve the same flawless look featured on our stunning 2016 Real-Life Models. Here we have Lara Rorich, renowned make-up artist and stylist with a few easy-to-follow tips and tricks for you to try at home!
Nicola Jane Real-Life Model PhotoshootAt Nicola Jane we have always emphasised how important it is to us to help restore our customer’s confidence and femininity. This has always been about beautiful, well-fitting bras and ensuring our post-surgery collection is as pretty and flattering as it is comfortable.

On our recent photoshoot with our 2016 Real-Life Models, we witnessed first-hand how having your make-up done professionally can increase your confidence and transform your entire attitude for the better. We watched our models relax, and smile widely at their reflections. Seeing the positive effect this had on our ladies confirmed the well-known phrase ‘if you look good you feel good’ and we wanted to create this feeling for all our customers! We sat down with our fabulous and trusted make-up artist Lara Rorich to answer some pressing questions on all things beauty! 

What is the best way to hide dark circles under the eyes?
The best way to hide dark circles under the eyes is to use a slightly lighter and creamy concealer, you should only apply the concealer to the dark area and not your whole eye. Lightly blend it in by patting with your finger or using a soft brush, this should be applied after your foundation. I love the Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown concealers.
What is the best way to minimise the size of pores?

To minimise pores I recommend using Nicola Jane Real-Life Model Photoshoot 2016a good primer. I love celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler's Retexturizing Face Primer which also has an SPF20.
This should be applied after you have prepped your skin with your daily moisturiser, I always advise having a good daily cleansing routine. So cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night and use a gentle exfoliator regularly. Exfoliating removes the dry surface cells which always makes your pores look smaller.

How do you suggest applying foundation?
I recommend using a liquid foundation and avoiding powder foundations as they can dry out the skin and look a bit cakey. I love the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Radiance or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. Make sure you choose the right colour, I test this on the chest area so your body and face match. It is best to apply the foundation with a synthetic brush as this uses much less product, then cover the areas that have redness and the darkness beneath your eyes and always be sure to blend it in.
 What’s the best way to give the eyebrows definition?
Nicola Jane 2016 Real-Life Model PhotoshootYou can either use a pencil or a powder to fill in your eyebrows. Use a colour that matches well and brush your brows up with an eyebrow brush - this will show you where the hairs are sparse. You will then need to follow the natural arch of your eyebrow. Do this with light dash-like strokes, filling in any uneven areas with the pencil. I love Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil. If you’d like more definition use an angled brush and apply the same colour pressed powder - I love the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit which comes with its own brush. Always keep a light hand so it looks more natural, if it feels too dark or too heavy I use a cotton bud to soften it.
 Explain contouring as simply as possible!
The easiest way to contour is to Nicola Jane Real-ife Model Photoshoot 2016suck in your cheeks and use an angled brush to apply your bronzer, sweeping diagonally towards your earlobe on both cheeks. I prefer a matt bronzer and would recommend the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. If you are concerned about having a double chin sweeping the bronzer below the chin can disguise this, you can also slim down your nose by sweeping the bronzer lightly down either side of your nose and then you can use a highlighter to highlight all the areas of your face that the sun would normally hit. Use your fingers to lightly pat a small amount of the Benefit High Beam Highlighter onto the arches of your eyebrows, down the centre of your nose, forehead and the top of your cheekbones.
Is there a way to hide wrinkles?
Liquid foundation is best for women over the age of fifty as the skin tends to get drier, I recommend keeping away from too much powder as this accentuates the wrinkles. Another brand I use is Dr Hauschka their Rose Cream moisturiser is gorgeous. I advise waiting for the moisturiser to absorb for a few minutes then to apply primer - this will make the foundation application smoother and last much longer. I then apply a cream blush sparingly on the apples of the cheeks, Daniel Sandler has great cream blushers in peach or pink.
It can be hard to get a statement lip looking right. Could you explain what lip-stick colours are best for certain complexions?

We all have Nicola Jane Real-Life Model Photoshooteither yellow, pink or neutral undertones. Pink is cooler, yellow is warmer and neutral is both. A quick way to figure out which skin tone you have is to look at the veins in your wrist. If your veins appear greener you have a warmer skin tone and if they are blue you have pink undertones - If they are both blue and green you have neutral skin tone.

When choosing your lipstick you should take this into consideration. Warmer skin tones are complimented by warmer colours whereas cooler skin tones can look beautiful with blue and purple under tones.

Olive skin is usually quite neutral which suits pinks and peaches, although red and nude can also both look lovely. Fair skin is great with bold red and deep rich colours but is less complimented by light, pale colours. If you have darker skin you should opt for deep reds and berry colours but avoid anything too light or pale. Despite this, I always say - if your favourite lip-stick happens to be bright orange then who cares, stick with what makes you happy!

Lara Rorich Make-Up Artist

Lara Rorich is available for bookings for all types of make-up for special events and also specialises in wedding make-up. You can contact Lara on and view some of her work on
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23 Jan 2017
"Review Of Fitted Tops With Built In Bras"
My mum and sister recently surprised me with these beautiful camisoles with the built-in-bra in teal and bright pink. It is great that when wearing them there is no indication of my mastectomy and I feel more connected with my previous self. I am delighted and felt tearful when I first tried on as it was like being me again.
A lot of mastectomy stuff out there is frumpy and I didn't want to go there when my confidence and self esteem is at it's lowest ebb.
My mum and sister are in Northern Ireland and I am a breast cancer survivor newly emigrated to Canada and living in a rural location, so it was ideal that they were able to source on my behalf. Do you deliver internationally? I am in Shediac, New Brunswick.
Customer Service Reply Hi Petrina,

Thank you for your feedback regarding your recent purchase. I am so glad to hear that our Fitted Strappy Tops have helped you gain your confidence back.

I am pleased to advise that at Nicola Jane we do offer international delivery, for more information please see the delivery section on our website:

Kind regards Emily - Nicola Jane Customer Service Team
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