How to Fit Your Bra Like a Pro

Did you know that research has shown that research has shown that 80% of women are currently wearing the incorrect size bra?
Tips to a Good Fitting Bra

8 out of 10 of us are putting on a badly fitting bra every day! After surgery a poor fitting bra can not only leave us feeling uncomfortable but it can also affect your posture and how your clothing sits.

Melissa, our Lead Breast Care Fitting Specialist is at hand to help you check to see if you are wearing the right size bra:

The Underband...
Let’s start with the underband as this is the part of your bra which should provide you with the most support. A good fitting underband will always sit the same height all the way around your ribcage. You shouldn’t feel restricted by the underband but it should be tight enough to offer the support you require.

The Cups...
The cups of your bra can affect the way your clothing sits. When you first try on your bra you should make sure that your breast is sitting in the cup properly.  A good trick is to lean slightly forwards, cup your breast and lift it into the cup. The cup material should sit against your breast. A cup which is too small will cut across your breast creating an overlap, a cup which is too big will wrinkle and there will be slight gap between the cup edge and your breast..

The Straps...
The straps of your bra shouldn’t be forgotten, ill-fitting straps can leave you feeling uncomfortable and having to reach under your top to put them back where they should be! They also shouldn’t be digging in too much. It is always good practice to regularly check the adjustments as these can easily loosen after washing and wearing.

Although it may seem obvious the centre of your bra should sit in the centre of your breasts and against your breast bone. If you bra is pulling to one side you may need to recheck your cup or band size or consider whether the weight of your prosthesis matches your natural side.
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