Handled with Care - Nicola Jane visits the Trulife Prosthesis Factory

In February this year I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the headquarters of breast care specialists, Trulife in Dublin.

Nicola Jane Trulife Prosthesis Factory Tour 2017Being a Fashion Stylist for many years has opened many doors where I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing, inspirational women and of course being a Bra Fitter has always played a huge part in my styling  - the two go hand in hand. Since joining the Nicola Jane Team as the London Shop Manager I have met so many wonderful women who have gone through so much and it’s these women who inspire me every single day to get out there and be part of the wider network support team that they meet along their journey to recovery.

As soon as we landed at Dublin Airport we were greeted by Helen Lewis, a UK Fitter for Trulife, who took myself and the other members of the Nicola Jane Team to the Trulife Factory. We were also joined by many other industry professionals attending the Trulife Day. Arriving at the Trulife building we were taken to a new product demonstration where we learned about the new products which will be launching soon and will benefit our ladies greatly, we were then taken for a tour of the Trulife Factory.

Trulife Prosthesis Factory Tour 2017When it comes to Nicola Jane Post-Surgery Lingerie I know that each of our styles are carefully handmade by Sewing Machinists, but I had always assumed that the prostheses were manufactured on an assembly line dictated by machines, that was until I had the pleasure of visiting the Trulife Factory and finding out for myself the amount of care that goes into making every single prosthesis.

From the moment the factory tour started I was in awe to see so many hands-on people at work not just a series of machines. To start with we were introduced to couple of lovely ladies sitting at high desks inspecting the outer bags and imprinting the form of the prosthesis onto the bags, these bags are what the silicone liquid goes into. They took each bag and carefully slid it onto a steel plate, measured it and then added the heat plate to secure the seal. We then had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra who’s role it was to fill each of the bags with exact amount of silicone, she then hung the bag up to settle before passing it over to a lady called Lisa who checked this, sealed the bag and put it into a dryer. Cassandra then moved onto putting the prostheses into a solid mould to be sealed before placing it into the oven, ensuring that the right amount of pressure was put onto the bag to pull it into place on the metal mould, after this the prosthesis was washed, trimmed into shape and passed on for the last inspection.

Trulife Prosthesis Factory Tour 2017For me the whole process of the forming the Trulife Prostheses was wonderful to witness, each stage of the process was lovingly completed by a team of highly qualified people and all individually made by hand. Now I know that the Trulife Team are just like Nicola Jane, they care about every single product that they personally make for their customers.

So in conclusion for all you wonderful, inspirational post-surgery ladies, you can be rest assured that your prosthesis from Trulife is lovingly prepared by hand, by an amazing team in Ireland just for you.

A special thank you to Trulife and the wonderful Helen Lewis for allowing us the honour of seeing the whole process of the manufacturing of our ladies prosthesis in action.

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