Choosing Your Post-Surgery Swimwear

Whether you are swimming lengths at your local pool, or relaxing on a beach, choosing your post-surgery swimwear is an important job. Although your needs may have changed, you can still choose beautiful, comfortable swimwear that will give you confidence. 

In this guide, we will cover:

Post-Surgery Swimwear Features

All Nicola Jane swimwear is designed from the ground up for post-surgery wear. The integrated pockets are only the start of the story; our years of experience have led to a number of clever design innovations that go into every mastectomy swimsuit.


All Nicola Jane swimwear features discreet, elasticated pockets to hold a prosthesis securely. You can be confident that your breast form will stay in place even during activity.


We offer a range of different neckline options, giving you total control over your style and coverage. Our higher neckline options are perfect for when you require a little more coverage due to scarring.


Soft Bust Cups
The soft bust cups are integrated into every Nicola Jane swimsuit and help to provide an even, smooth shape. This can cover any subtle differences between a prosthesis and a natural breast.

Swimwear Styles

We offer a complete range of mastectomy swimwear from traditional swimsuits to bikinis and tankinis. Browse our collection and see what style is your favourite.



We offer a complete range of mastectomy swimsuits for both sports and fashion wear



A mastectomy doesn't mean you can no longer wear a bikini! These beautiful styles are perfect for post-surgery wear



Our flattering mastectomy tankinis are versatile and easy to wear at the beach and in the pool


Chlorine Resistant

If you are a regular swimmer, consider a chlorine resistant style. The long-lasting fabric can withstand regular use



Our curated designer collection offers the most luxurious mastectomy swimwear available


Swim Accessories

Round off your look with our range of beautiful and practical swimwear accessories