Find My Bra Size

At Nicola Jane we want you to find the perfect bra for all your lingerie needs and we understand that wearing the correct bra size is of the utmost importance.

Our expert, trained Bra Fitters are always available to give advice, whether you choose to visit one of our three shops or call our Customer Service Department on 0845 265 7595.

We believe your right bra size can be found by using the current size you are wearing and how this bra fits, it is not always necessary to get out the tape measure and pen. Below are some important points to remember when finding your bra size.

Bra Fitting – Useful Hints and Tips by Melissa our head fitter and Hospital Liaison

  • If you wear a prosthesis it is important that the bra is supporting your natural breast. Do not gauge the fitting of a bra on how your prosthesis fits as this maybe different to your natural breast if you have lost or put on weight
  • The band of your bra should fit snugly around the narrowest part of your back and be the same height all the way round
  • The bra should fit close to the body at the front and sit evenly in the middle
  • Your breasts should be enclosed in the cup with no wrinkling of the fabric
  • Your breasts should not bulge over the top or side of the cup
  • You can run two fingers under the band
  • Always start on the loosest hook. This way you can tighten it up as the bra stretches, giving you more wear from the bra 
  • If you wear a prosthesis check that it is in the right position and is completely covered by the cup.

Here are some of the most common problems and how to remedy them.

Bra rides up at the back or moves around

Your band size maybe to big. Try lifting your arms up to see if the band is tight enough. If it is riding up try going down a band size e.g. 36 to a 34. To keep the cup size the same you must go up a cup size e.g. 36C = 34D

Band digs in around body or the band is overstretched

The band is too tight so try a bigger band size e.g. 34 to a 36. To keep the cup size the same you must go down a cup size e.g. 34C = 36B

Shoulder straps are digging in

You may need to loosen the straps. If this does not work it maybe that the underband is too big and the straps are giving you most of the support. The underband acts as 80% of the bra’s support so try going down a band size e.g. 40 to a 38.

Straps slip off

The straps need to be adjusted so they are a tighter fit. For more support you may need to try a bra with wider straps

Your breasts are bulging out the top or sides of the cup

The cup size is too small. Try a larger cup size e.g. B to a C cup

The fabric is wrinkling on the cups

The cup is too big. Make sure you lift your bust into the bra. If the fabric still wrinkles try going down a cup size e.g. D to a C cup

The prosthesis is moving to one side

The most common problem is the band is too big. Try a smaller band size. If the problem persists it maybe that the prosthesis is too light and you need to try a slightly heavier style

Find my bra size

Using our measuring calculator below will give you an estimate of your current bra size. If you need any assistance remember you can always call us for help and advice on 0845 265 7595.

Measure directly under your bust with your bra on. This is measurement A. If an odd number round down e.g. 35 = 34

Measure from the sternum to the spine, across the fullest part of your natural breast and multiply by two. This is measurement B.

Input you’re A and B Measurement into our bra size calculator to work out your size.

Find my size calculator
  • Measurement A
    (Under bust)
  • Measurement B
    (Over bust)
Your Approximate Bra Size will be shown here.