Looking After Your Swimwear

Proper care of your swimwear will ensure longer wear and support. It is wise to follow the directions provided by the care label. Always rinse out your swimsuit as soon as possible in fresh, clean water and give it a good wash in mild detergent when you get it home.
 Never leave your swimsuit for too long without rinsing as chlorine and sun tan lotions can act like bleach, it will affect the colour and elasticity and it may even go see-through.

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Swimwear Care - Our Top Tips!

Hand Washing: 

  • Remove any jewellery and ensure your nails do not have any sharp edges.
  • Shallow fill either a clean sink or a bucket using the specified amount of bleach free mild detergent or a detergent specifically formulated for swimwear.
  • Swirl the garments gently in the suds.
  • Gently rub any stubborn areas with your thumb, taking care not to agitate the fibres as this could cause them to break.
  • Leave the items to soak for up to an hour.
  • Remove the items and rinse under gently running water.

Machine washing:

You should aim to machine wash your swimwear on a gentle cycle after every three or four wears. This will help remove a lot more of the chlorine, sand, salt and sweat than can be removed by hand washing. We recommend that you put your swimsuit in a mesh lingerie bag during washing.
  • Use a mild detergent formulated for delicates that does not contain bleach or a detergent formulated for swimwear.
  • Turn items inside out to help to prevent any build-up of lint during washing.
  • Place the items in a delicates bag to prevent them from becoming tangled and damaged when placed in the washing machine.
  • Put the washing bag in the washing machine on a low-temperature setting and on the delicates cycle.
  • Do not wash with other items.