Caring For Your Post-Surgery And Mastectomy Bra

Proper care of your bra will ensure longer wear and support. It is wise to follow the directions provided by the care label. If time permits it is best to hand wash bras because the washing machine action can compromise the elasticity and shape of the garment. And remember NEVER put bras in the dryer, air-dry only.

Caring for your mastectomy bra


A new bra should hook on the first fastening. With regular wearing and washing the elastic in the band and shoulder straps will relax. The bra will need to be fastened on the second or third hook and the straps tightened.
Bra Care - Our Top Tips!

  • Always read and follow care instructions on the label
  • Use a lingerie wash bag when washing underwear in a machine
  • Hand wash any bra with an underwire - wires can be bent, damaged or broken or may even come out in the washing machine
  • Wash lingerie frequently to keep it in tip-top condition - perspiration, perfumes and body lotions can all mark the fabric and regular washing minimises the risk
  • When hand washing always choose a washing liquid or powder specially made for delicate fabrics - make sure all powder is dissolved before putting garments in the water
  • Don't leave lingerie to soak for more than five minutes
  • Wash darker colours separately
  • Don't exceed the recommended washing temperature - remember the latest products wash just as well at 40ºC, often even at 30ºC
  • Dry lingerie away from direct heat such as radiators, fires and even hot sunshine otherwise they may discolour, especially whites/light colours
  • Avoid catching delicate fabrics and laces with clothes pegs - use the washing label to peg bras and pants to the line
  • Do not tumble dry lingerie unless the care label provides specific instructions