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Harmony Silk Extend Prosthesis (4780)

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Product Description

The Harmony Silk range of prostheses define what a breast form should be, soft and natural. Featuring an innovative silky-soft skin offering unparalleled softness and suppleness.

  • Suitable after a full or radical mastectomy
  • This style is ideal after extensive surgery and lymph glands removal
  • 35% lighter than traditional silicone prostheses
  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Pronounced extension replaces missing tissue at underarm area
  • Enhanced softness for relaxed, natural shape
  • Comes with a 95% cotton backed cover
  • Guaranteed for two years against manufacturing faults
  • Sold individually
  • Please note: If out of stock please allow one week from the date of your order for this item to be despatched.

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