Picked from hundreds of applicants here are our 5 Nicola Jane models for 2009. Throughout the catalogue you will see our ladies modelling their favourite bras and hear why they like them so much but now it’s time to find out a little about them and hear their stories.

Laura Sears, 52, wearing 7005


Laura is a General Community Nurse with 2 children and a 16 month granddaughter.  In 2006 Laura married her husband Michael after meeting in Peru whilst Laura was on a once in a life time holiday.
“I found out I had breast cancer in 2007, just one week before my 50th birthday and a year after getting married. Shortly after I had two full mastectomies but chose not to have chemotherapy and went down the root of photo dynamic therapy.
I decided to apply to be a real life model because I have realised breast cancer doesn’t have to be a big deal and I wanted other women to realise that you can still get on with life and achieve things we may not have done before.
My favourite bra, which I am modelling, is the 7005 moulded camisole bra.  It is the perfect bra for wearing under lower tops as it makes me feel secure whilst being attractive and feminine.  I couldn't believe how comfortable it is, an ideal bra for all occasions.”
Liz Thorne, 29, wearing 5307


Liz currently works for Sky Sports and lives in Isleworth, London with her family. She loves travelling and visiting new places. Her passion is snow boarding and being with her friends.
“It was 7 months ago that I found a lump in my breast through examining myself.  At first I was told it a just an infection but after extensive examinations, a core biopsy, CT and MRI scans, Ultrasounds and a mammogram it was confirmed I would have to have a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy.
When I was asked to be a model I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to change people’s perception of what cancer patients look like. I have lost my hair but so what? I now have great fun trying new styles as you can see in my photos!
I love the design of the 5307 bra which I am wearing for my photos. It is fresh and stylish whilst at the same time is super supportive and comfortable to wear.”
Angela Gray, 51, wearing 5756  


Angela works with adults with learning difficulties and lives in Cambridgeshire with her partner of 17 years. She has been a Nicola Jane customer since she first visited our Chichester shop in 2003.
“2008 is a special year for me as I have reached the 5 year mark since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the end of Tamoxifen. I first found out when I had discomfort in my left breast which triggered a visit to my doctor who referred me to my consultant. I was so terrified when it came to getting the result that I had to be persuaded to go in when my name was called.
Once he had broken the news that I would need a mastectomy it was almost a sense of relief that I knew what I was facing. I prepared myself by throwing out all my bras and contacting Nicola Jane to order new post operative ones prior to going into hospital and I was wearing them two weeks after surgery which made me feel confident.
I wanted to take part in the photo shoot to prove to myself and others that you can find the strength to do new things and have the confidence to look beautiful and feminine in your underwear. I loved every minute of being a model!

The bra I am modelling is the 5756, Anita Seamless "second skin" bra. The fabric is beautifully soft and comfortable without compromising on sense of fashion.  It is so nice to have pretty matching sets in a choice of different colours.  This is definitely my favourite everyday set."

Jill Couzens, 56, wearing 5381 

Jill has been working in the Finance department of a construction company for the last 20 years.  She also helps her daughter with her photography business and is regularly found at wedding fairs and exhibitions.
“It has been 6 years since I found out I had breast cancer after I was randomly checking myself one day.  It was purely by chance that I found a lump as I didn’t regularly check at the time. I chose to have a full mastectomy, to minimise the risk of developing cancer again.
I had no great ambition to become a model at 55 but I feel so strongly that the psychological and emotional turmoil that comes with breast removal, the over whelming feeling of being different and loss of confidence can only be restored by seeing lingerie and swimwear modelled by someone who is ‘in the same boat.’

I am modelling the 5381 as I love the lacy, feminine appearance but I can also feel totally at ease that the pretty lace insert will be the only thing on show, should I happen to wear a top with a lower neckline. It is comfortable, attractive and helps make me feel good about myself."

Sandra Bailey, 65, wearing 2100

Sandra has been married to her husband for 44 years and has 2 daughters. In her spare time she enjoys bridge, walking, sewing and going to the theatre and holidaying.
“I was 42 when I first found a lump in my breast and within a month I had undergone surgery for a full mastectomy. It has been over 22 years now but I clearly remember being so scared that I would not see my children grow up and have children of their own. They were only 19 and 17 at the time. 
I first thought about volunteering to appear in the Nicola Jane catalogue when I saw an article in the news letter looking for models.  I have always thought there should be models who have actually had breast surgery modelling the lingerie and thought ‘Why not me?’ I was thrilled to be picked and had such a wonderful day.

I am modelling the 2100 Trulife Barbara. I found this bra to be one of the comfiest I have ever worn.  It is the perfect shape with fantastic support.  The firm, adjustable straps are an added bonus.  It is a very pretty bra and the fabric is of a very high quality. Excellent!"


If you would like to apply to be a model in our next collection please call Melissa on 01243 537300. We look forward to hearing from you!