Finding the right style bra is vital, and even more so once you have had breast surgery.  Whether it is a full mastectomy, partial or reconstruction, we have styles to suit every stage of recuperation. Every bra featured in our collection has been selected by our experts and tested on our team of wear test customers to ensure the fit and comfort is to the highest standard.

The benefits of your mastectomy bra
  2. Supportive, adjustable straps help to restore your body posture
  3. Deeper cups and front for comfort, support and extra cover
  4. Discreet pockets to hold your prosthesis securely and invisibly for real peace of mind
  5. Wider underband to keep your bra securely in place
  6. Wider sides for extra coverage and comfort under the arms and around the back.

Pocket options
The majority of our bras have bilateral pockets, these bras are suitable if you have had either a double or single mastectomy, partial mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction. Just place your prosthesis in the pocket required, if you only require one prosthesis, the pocket on your natural side will fall back and act as a lining, allowing your natural breast to fill the cup.
For bras that have a pocket on each side:
These pockets are called flat-back pockets, the design of these pockets mean the surface of the pocket will sit flat against your chest wall. Therefore if you have had a single mastectomy, you will need to choose the correct side pocket. Due to the design, this style of pocket is only suitable if you have had a full mastectomy.

Types of mastectomy bras

In order to help you understand the types of mastectomy bra and various cup styles in the Nicola Jane Collection we have put together a quick guide to our mastectomy bra shapes and styles which will hopefully help you with your selection. Please note that all Nicola Jane bras are pocketed to hold your prosthesis securely.

Camisole bra

Camisole Bras

This style has the added security of a lace panel across the chest. This camisole panel is ideal if you have any hollowing on the chest wall, or high scarring that you are conscious of. It will also keep a close fit to the chest when leaning forward.

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Everyday pretty bra

Our everyday bra section of the collection consists of bras whose cups are constructed by two sections of fabric – the top and bottom cup pieces sewn together with a seam which helps provide a nice shape with everyday support and comfort these are usually all soft cup bras.

Total support bra

Our total support bras offer a range of mastectomy bras designed from D-GG cup. You can identify a total support bra by the number of seams on the cups. Usually they will consist of three or more sections which enable the bra to offer total shape, uplift and support. The extra seams allow the bra to shape perfectly around the breast encompassing the whole bust 

T-shirt braSeamfree Bras
The term t-shirt bra is a generic way of describing a bra with a smooth surface and no seams running over the cups. They are particularly useful underneath smooth, tight fitting clothing as there are no seams to show through. They offer smooth, light support. Our Nicola Jane t-shirt bras come in two styles:

  2. Non-padded Seamfree Fabric Bras - smooth and stretchy fabric which has been heat moulded into a cup shape without the need for seams.

Lightly Padded, Seamfree Fabric Bras - a thin foam cup which has been heat moulded into a cup shape. This is a great choice for wearing underneath tight fitting clothing as has a totally smooth surface but also offers the security of no nipple show through. 
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Underwired Bra
Underwired bras feature a U-shaped wire in the cup. They shape the breast and give good support. You can only wear a heart or oval shaped prostheses with an underwired bra so please check the shape of yours before you order.

If you like the support underwired bras provide it is possible to continue wearing this style bra but we strongly recommend you consult with your Breast Care Nurse before wearing, as your scar will need to have completely healed and they can check that you are not showing any signs of Lymphoedema. The bra will need to be a full cupped bra to cover the prosthesis and please make sure there are no wires directly touching your skin.

The Trulife Audrey Bra has a flexi-wire which is soft and supportive but will not cause damage to your prosthesis, this style is also pocketed to hold your prosthesis.

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