Choosing Your Prosthesis

Finding the right breast prosthesis can sometimes be difficult, especially with such a varied choice of shape, weight and style available. We understand that everyone is individual so we are here to give you as much help and advice as you need, to ensure you are choosing the most comfortable and natural breast form for you.

If you need any help or advice please call our Customer Service Team on 0345 265 7595 who will be able to help.

Benefits of Your Prosthesis
Your 3 – Point Check List
  • Make sure your prosthesis fills the bra cup properly and is neither puckered nor over stretched
  • Check the underarm section is filled to the same extent on both sides
  • Your breast and prosthesis should be in equal alignment

Symmetrical Forms
Usually a variation on a triangle, oval or teardrop shape and can be worn on either the left on the right side of the body. The triangular shape prosthesis such as our best-selling 4710 Trulife Harmony Silk is often a popular choice, as it best imitates a natural breast shape.


Teardrop Forms

The teardrop is most suitable for women whose surgery has resulted in some underarm tissue being removed and/or lymph glands. The teardrop form has an extension (tail) which can be angled to best suit you and will fill in areas where tissue has been lost.

Asymmetrical Forms

Designed with extensions to fit under the arm and/or in the upper chest wall, to fill the areas where more extensive surgery has removed tissue. This style form has been designed for either the left or the right side specifically.


What type of prosthesis is best for what surgery?

The best type of prosthesis is largely dependent on what sort of surgery you have had, whether it be a full or radical mastectomy, partial surgery, a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery.

Full or radical mastectomy
If you have had either of these types of surgery you will need a full prosthesis, a form which is flat on the back and not hollowed out. This type is designed to go straight against the chest wall where all breast tissue has been removed, ensuring you are getting a good shape and the best weight from the prosthesis to maintain your natural posture and balance.

Partial surgery
We would recommend trying a partial prosthesis which is a shell form, hollow on the back to incorporate any remaining breast. Most partial prostheses are silicone and are placed over the remaining breast to give a natural and even outline to match the natural breast. Try 1057 Equi-Tex Prosthesis.

Lumpectomy and Reconstruction
If you have had a lumpectomy often you will have had a smaller amount of tissue removed than partial surgery so may only need a breast enhancer or a partial breast shaper. In most cases it is not necessary to wear a prosthesis after a reconstruction but often weight gain or loss can mean that you may need something to help you match your breasts. A breast enhancer or partial breast shaper will help you achieve a natural and balanced outline.
Silicone or other alternatives?

Silicone Forms
A silicone prosthesis is made from a soft, gel-like substance which gives a fantastic, natural shape. Most silicone prostheses are available in either a traditional weight (full) or lightweight version, the best weight for you will depend on how heavy your natural breast is. Prices vary from £69 to £163 and are guaranteed for two years on all manufacturing defaults.

Foam ‘Leisure’ Forms and Other Alternatives
A soft, lightweight and inexpensive alternative to a silicone form and a great choice if you want something lighter and cooler in the summer or for leisure and sporting activities as the foam material is not as hot or heavy as silicone can be. Another choice to a silicone form would be a bean prosthesis. These are made from polypropylene beads that moulds into the shape of your bra to give a really natural look. The beads allow air to circulate keeping you cool and comfortable. Try our best selling Leisureform (6110) or Been-a-Boob (BABH).