Looking After Your Prosthesis

At Nicola Jane we understand how a prosthesis can help to provide an even, balanced shape post-surgery, and we are keen for our breast forms to last as long as possible. Treatest carefully, your breast form can last many years.

Looking After Your Prosthesis
Silicone Prostheses
  1. Always wash your silicone prosthesis in lukewarm water with a mild, unperfumed soap. Avoid corrosive cleaning agents that will damage your prosthesis. Gently towel dry
  2. Try not to use powders, lotions or perfumes near your prosthesis
  3. When you are not wearing your silicone prosthesis you should keep it in its original box, in the plastic cradle provided.  This supports the silicone and maintains its shape for longer.
  4. Keep away from pointed or sharp objects, particularly broaches.
  5. If you use a cover with your prosthesis, this can be washed along with your bras or in a cool wash cycle.
  6. DO NOT tumble dry your prosthesis
Foam and Bead Prostheses
  1. Hand wash in a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water.  Do not wring dry.
  2. Always make sure our foam and bead prostheses are thoroughly dried after washing or swimming. Dry in an airing cupboard or radiator.  DO NOT tumble dry.
  3. Our foam prostheses come with a removable cover.  This can be washed along with your bras or in a cool wash cycle. 
  4. Chlorine can damage our foam prostheses after a while, so if you swim regularly (once or twice a week) you may need to replace it from time to time (approximately 6 months). Alternatively, you could invest in the Anita Aqua-Lite silicone prosthesis which is guaranteed for 2 years.